“Unbridled III,” 2017 Cowboy Poetry Press Anthology has arrived!

May 15, 2017

Guest editors have put things together, chosen some fantastic western writers, and a new cover, depicting the harshness of how the west can be, and was.


Miriam King
Stephen Page
Rodney Nelson
Grant Guy
Greg Patton
Steve Young
Shannon Pool
Karla K. Morton, Texas Poet Laureate
Donna Long
Daniel Bulone
Anita Haas
Leroy Trussell
Honor Brigand
Andrew Hubbard
Clarence Wolfshohl
Gregory Kirchhof
Charles Shepherd
Poppa Mac
Ronald Tobias
Ryan Lee
Merle Grabhorn

The book, Unbridled III is available from us at Red Dashboard LLC (email orders: editor@reddashboard.com) at $6 ea, over 10 $5 ea (under ‘other’ sellers), or via Amazon.com.

We thank contributors for their submissions!

Editorial Staff and Managing editor, Elizabeth Akin Stelling

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