Managing Editor/Founder-Elizabeth Akin Stelling

Howdy! Our managing editor was born in Fort Worth, Texas but grew up in the north suburbs of Dallas in a small cowtown where we had rodeos, pioneer days, and still have a soda shop in the town square across the street from the local Plaza Theater and a gazebo. In junior high and high school her and friends spent time traveling the only roads available, dirt farm roads leading in and around ranches and farms. The town square still exists off I35 heading north to Oklahoma, but the ranches and farms are almost non-existent. Homes have popped up along with strip malls and gas stations.

This literary magazine was created to house wild west and contemporary legends we all grew up with. Stelling, being a modern writer who believes in sharing what was, is and can be when you place yourself in the saddle, as well as futuristic yarns about the cowboy and related writing. We look forward to reading your work as well as sharing it with others on Cowboy Poetry Press.

More about Elizabeth Akin Stelling- Her writing, appearances, and professional career.

And yes, this is the same gal that organizes Zombies over at Z-composition and Annapurna Magazine, and is now proud owner of Red Dashboard LLC Publishing in Princeton, New Jersey.

Elizabeth passed away on July 2, 2022 after months of declining mobility and health.

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