Do you really want to know what we think?

As an old and wise friend always said ‘Opinions and Rectums, we’ve all got’em’, so listen up…

On occasion we run across other western sites that accept poetry, fiction, and non-fiction…and or artwork along with photography. It is our opinion as serious writers and artist we are choosy about who we ourselves (editors) submit too.

We are often asked what we think, and concerning this genre; deciding which ezine or print magazine could be a tricky one. With thousands of choices out there ( via Duotrope,  NewPages, and Writers Digest) you have to decide who represents our writing- we feel quality reigns over quantity.

So far the western poetry sites we run across, there are very few accepting poetry which represent us as poets and writers. The kind you can go directly to the meat (poetry) instead of those sites that send you hunting, and ten minutes later you are still trying to find the poetry. Over time we will stumble upon more, and we will list the good ones, give our modest opinion of them. Click the link…then you go over and decide.

The Western Online
‘A webzine dedicated to the old west’, and from what they say…
Year round submissions for Short Fiction, Serialized Fiction, Artwork and Non-fiction. They accept work from established writers and novice, but recommend you read their suggestions on writing before submitting.

We noticed the founder has published his own work on the site. CPP and Z-composition founder and editors are only allowed to submit if they bow from their editing positions.

The Cowboy Poetry (dot) com
This is the original ‘Cowboy Poetry’ site we have known about for many years, but we found them to be all over the place with links (hard to navigate). There is no clear page for submissions, and possibly they do not accept outside work.

Rope and Wire
A western lifestyle online community- Their heart was in the right place. The site states they only accept work from published authors  (in print magazines only- not really clear though).

Dry Crik Review

An eclectic site that offers poetry, prose and potentially other mediums and forms of art from rural cultures.

The writing is lovely and has a modern take on rural western life.


If you run across a great past, present, or futuristic western themed ezine you think we need to know about, please share!


Cowboy Poetry Press

One Response to “Rectums and Opinions; we’ve all got’em”

  1. JM Says:

    I have read some Western stories at this site,and as you requested we share , I’ve pasted the information I have into this comment. JM

    Duke Pennell, Editor

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