Sometimes our readers send us a pic or two and we’ve decided to let the Poets and Writers have a challenge, and

Merle Grabhorn

was kind enough to share this, which gave us an idea for the next challenge!

“Every rancher has a special horse, usually very smart with a personality. A good ranch horse is a rare gem. It knows how to sort and cut cattle. It knows how to be a header or heeler if roping needs to be done. Steep gullys, rocky fords, or narrow trails through brush won’t spook him. And that special horse will form a very amazing bond with its rider.” -Merle Grabhorn

Attached is a submission along with a picture of the author…..and Rad the horse. Yes, he’s real. And I wouldn’t trade him for a dozen other horses.

Tumbling Tumbleweed was the 1st challenge, and now A Cowboy(girl) and Their Sidekick (can be horse or roundup dog, etc)

(Please no nudity, profanity, or wild out there submissions, we are about the western life in this challenge)

Send in your best  written work which describes this scene, or  inspires something else; it (work) will be posted along with the photo

October 1st, or there abouts

Deadline- September 27th, 2014


Winners/Pieces will be chosen in our blind reading, and we are aiming at anthologies down the road.


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