Cowboy Poetry Press Submission Guideline

We will follow a 365 day submission- Open Call, but have decided we will publish bi-yearly: fall October ezine (4-6 week issues) and a spring/summer print anthology, Unbridled (deadline Feb 28th, and slated to print by June of each year).

1 Contributor copy paid per accepted author. Poetry (see below), Flash Fiction and non-Fiction (1500 word max)

Acceptance will take place within six to eight week duration or so, give or take a few weeks… Essays and other will be considered for months in between publishing of poetry, prose, flash fiction, artwork and photography. Send your best work.

CPP is looking for and will only publish the best work. As supply demands we will add as we feel, and submissions and publishing will change as editors deem necessary.

Cowboys and cowgirls, heifers, madame’s, rustlers, train robbers, drifters, grifters, and thieves (and we won’t forget Native Americans); dust off those boots, kick the dirt out of your shoes, and get out of the out house and back to the rustic life- because we want all old and wild, contemporary, and your own version of western related material published or unpublished on fellow like ezines (no personal blogs or site work accepted; you must remove it before submitting, and please give us credit for first time publisher when you do post on personal sites).

We’ll take dream like trail rides, dark and edgy confrontations, like raw milk squeezed right out of the tit. Don’t try to out ride us with your southern flavored material. We drink our coffee black. No cream or sugar in this barn. Food and shotguns will be allowed through the door. Drinks are on the house!

We’ll also take modern and traditional bush verse, Native American, and any other bygone era style relating to a western theme…

New writers are encouraged to submit. We accept simultaneous submissions, but let us know if someone else accepted it first.

Submission to CPP entails that the journal has one-time and non-exclusive anthology rights. You are welcome to continue to use your work elsewhere, though we prefer that you give a grace period (90 days recommended) for your work to be appreciated here first, and that you acknowledge publication in CPP. We ask that you please credit us if you submit something we have published for you.

No nudity or pornographic material (if you even shiver at the thought, don’t send it!)

Please send all work in word.doc/as one file,  and a bio and cover letter in body of email- if subs come in body of email, and not a word.doc we will not even consider it.


no longer than a page, five poems max, single space-one poem per page, all in one file- word.doc with cover letter and bio, times roman font, 12 pt


no longer than two pages,  five prose max, single spaced (except paragraphs of course), all in one file- word.doc with cover letter and bio, times roman font, 12 pt


short (micro) fiction- one max, if it is not longer than 400 words we will consider it, but say it is so in the cover letter, single spaced in word.doc, times roman font, 12 pt


send us your best digital file, one piece per page, up to five pieces submitted, one file- word.doc with cover letter and bio within email


send us your best digital file, one piece per page, up to five pieces submitted, one file- word.doc with cover letter and bio within email

All informational work within the pages of CPP belong to CPP, photos included- All published work within this site belongs to the authors and artists. Do not copy or reprint without written consent from either. We’ll hang you from the highest tree we can find if your caught. Respect goes a long way…  Previously printed work is accepted, no simultaneous subs please, but let us know who published your work first so we can give them credit.

At this time we are reviewing full length poetry manuscripts, Flash novels for our Dime Novel Series via (copy and paste into your email).

We will no longer be accepting simultaneous submissions due to the quarterly turn around- we have found authors are not informing us their work was accepted elsewhere and so this has caused extra work to rearrange publication weeks, etc., Thank you for not sending simultaneous submissions!

Email Submissions:

As of June 24th, 2013 we will be using

‘Submissions’ in subject line along with Cowboy Poetry Press, so we know where to send it…

Check out our Photo Prompt Section, from time to time we will put a challenge out for writers and poets with a special random pic sent in by our readers… Photo Writing Challenge

Chuck Wagon Poets/Chefs – Recipe Poems Wanted

Calling all Chef-Poets, and others. We are looking for submissions that are partial poem and short story, but viable recipes. Recipes should accompany the writing, and can still be within the work.

We are looking at publishing via Annapurna Magazine, but under Clarify: A Literary-Recipe-Cookbook, a yearly print anthology — slated each fall.

Deadline September 1st, 2016

(and we are delayed from the spring due to unforeseen illness within the owners)


Poetry, Fiction and non-fiction accepted, 1500 word count limit (flash)

Clarify II Book Cover

4 Responses to “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Bob Rohan Says:

    I am a cartoonist in Houston and I do a comic strip called “Buffalo Gals.” They are posted on my web site I have over 600 comic strips now and i would like to submit them to you for consideration. Can you please send me an E-mail address if you are interested?

  2. Bob, the email is the very last thing on this page-

    I have tried to email you, but your site only allows for ‘Outlook’ access, and you yourself should post the actual email on your website. It would help, Thanks!

    Managing Editor- Cowboy Poetry Press

  3. Charli love Says:

    Hi there, I’m emailing you because I have a poem I would love the work to see, but I want to make sure I have all rights to it. Not sure if this is where I start? What do you do with the work that’s submitted?

    • Charli- email for questions: and yes, you retain all rights before and after we accept your submission. Once they are up, they are housed here . If you want to submit them elsewhere you can, but we ask you give credit to Cowboy Poetry Press for first time publishing rights. Thank you, and hope this helps! EAS

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